Advanced Makeup Course

advanced course in makeup

The advanced makeup artist course gives a deeper understanding of advanced makeup concepts. You will learn latest and industry-specific makeup trends from top-notch artists and gain expertise to deliver makeup for photo shoots, weddings, films, and fashion runway. Be it a simple party makeup or a cocktail makeup, every makeup is different and have its own tips and tricks. If you want to master those, get yourself registered for Professional Makeup Academy. Professional Makeup Academy offers job-oriented courses in makeup to aspiring makeup artists and enables them with the skills to work with Makeup brands, Fashion shows, Events, wedding planners etc.

Get The Best Makeup Lessons From The Team of Experts

The Advanced makeup lessons offered by Chandrama Kalita And Deeepanjali Lahkar are the best mentoring you can get. Given Both experience in the field, Both are the leading mentor in Guwahati, Assam when it comes to Makeup Lessons. Unlike most makeup schools, Professional Makeup Academy is a small intake, which keeps the class size small and also ensures the best of the best are trained. The limited students in each batch also ensure that the training is more personalized and professional. Professional Makeup Academy has a large range of makeup lessons.

This is an ultimate course of your dream to become a makeup expert. From core techniques of makeup to advanced skill, Learn it all. All levels of makeup from Art of makeup. This is your fact track to success. All you need to succeed is creativity, enthusiasm and a vision to Learn.

Professional Makeup Academy provides a unique and innovative training in professional makeup techniques. When you enrol with the programme, the school will give you all the makeup products in your kit for you to train with. Whether you are aspiring makeup artist, or someone who wants to brush up her makeup.

Different Makeup Lessons Offered