Why Learning Hairstyling As A Makeup Artist Is Beneficial

When you are a makeup artist, your focus day and night is probably your artistry. You practice in your free time, look over-bookings and always check up on trends and new products. Many passionate makeup artists make their job not only their occupation but their life.

Although being passionate is great, in the world of beauty knowing more than applying makeup can be extremely beneficial. It may be hard to think outside of the topic of makeup, but it can be essential to your personal and professional growth. Learning new talents and techniques is always something that should be encouraged; because let’s face it, in this life, you can never know too much. If you, however, find an opportunity to learn a skill that will benefit you and go along with your makeup artistry services, you should definitely look into it.

One skill that will further your career as a makeup artist is learning hairstyling. In the world of beauty, there are many industries that are very fast-paced. These are why multi-talented artists are often chosen for their work. If you consider adding hairstyling to be used hand in hand with your makeup artistry skills, you can seriously become a more employable option in your career. Read more below about the benefits of learning hairstyling as a makeup artist!


As mentioned before, you will become a multi-service option by knowing how to do both makeup and hair. Having two certifications will make you a good candidate in a competitive industry. Knowing two skills is better than knowing one. What makes you stand out is your knowledge of both skills. When you have a well-rounded education in the beauty industry, it will be much more attractive to clients that you provide more than one service.

It is important to note that the beauty industry does not only reflect the makeup and makeup artists. Hairstyling is also a big aspect of the beauty industry. If you learn this in addition to your makeup artistry, you will have a well-rounded education in the field and will make you a strong candidate in all scenarios.


Many people associate beauty services by knowing how to do both makeup and hair. Especially apparent in the world of bridal services, being both a makeup artist and a hairstylist will be a dream come true for a stressed bride. If a client needs both makeup and hair services, and the decision is between you, who can do both and another talented makeup artist who doesn’t know hairstyling you are much more likely to be chosen.

This is very very apparent in the bridal business. When stressed out brides are trying to figure out the details of their special day, I am sure you know that they the process to be as easy as possible. Brides will almost always ask for trials. If they get two separate people: one for makeup and one for hair, that means that they will have at least four appointments minimum (one trail for makeup, final makeup, one trial for hair, final hair). Whereas, if it is only one person who is doing both, they can be one appointment, one payment, and the services can be done together.

If you are interested in the bridal industry I think it is essential to learn hairstyling. Although hairstyling is useful in other departments of artistry, I think if you want to focus on brides it is very important. Brides save time, money and stress when they can find a two-in-one service for their special day.


Since you are offering two services, your cost as a whole will reflect that. If you are filling two job descriptions, you will definitely be asking for higher compensation than if you were just filling one job as a makeup artist.

It is also important to note that certification for hairstyling is very important. In order for your salary to benefit from both skills, you should be qualified for each skill. Just like your makeup artistry certification makes you reputable, so does having one for hair. Even if you try to learn hair on your own, when you try to present this additional skill to employers, there is still no foundation for your skills and techniques without proper training.

When you have proof of program completion and training, employers without a doubt know that you are a serious business. Just like receiving proper education for makeup artistry, it is needed for hairstyling as well to be as credible as possible. Also, remember that doing hair on yourself is very different from doing hair on others. So treat this additional skill as what it is, another skill. It requires training and practice just like makeup artistry.

Think about it this way: if you are good at applying your own makeup, that does not mean that you are properly trained to apply makeup to different people. If you are good at doing your own hair, that is not indicative of how well you will do other people’s hair. Both skills require proper training and practice.


Many industries do not want to go through the trouble of finding separate people for tasks. If you can do both makeup and hair, you can open the door to work in many different industries that you may not be able to work in only knowing makeup artistry.

For example, hairstyling is a major aspect of the entertainment business such as TV and movie sets. These face-paced and team-oriented environments need people who are multi-talented. It is unlikely that these businesses will hire you just for makeup when they need both tasks done. They will hire someone who does both to make their job easier and faster as they only have to go through one service person.

For the sake of convenience and time, many businesses will stay put on only hiring artists who do both. If you do both makeup and hair you will increase the areas of expertise for yourself and for your credibility. The more industries you can work for, the better it is an artist for you to learn and grow.

When you know how to do certain hairstyles, especially film, fashion, and period looks, it can open many opportunities for you. Being upfront about your hairstyling training and mentioning which techniques you can recreate is important when communicating with potential clients.

These are just a few good reasons to consider adding hairstyling as a certified skill! The more you learn and the more credentials you have, the more valued you will be in the industry. This is why Professional Makeup Academy offers a Hairstyling Program for Makeup Artists! This program is designed to advance the talent and skills of professional makeup artists to achieve basic hairstyling when needed in their professional careers. In the world of fashion, beauty and entertainment industry, amazing talents and versatility is expected of makeup artists.